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How to Eliminate the Risks and Inconveniences of Northeast Ohio Snow Removal

By Avon Landscaping
December 20, 2017 Category: General

The Fox 8 meteorologist team predicts 64 to 76 inches of snowfall this winter with alternating arctic visits and milder melting breaks. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) calls for a colder, snowier than normal season. And, the faithful Farmers Almanac expects warmer months ahead for Northeast Ohio. So, who are you to believe? For this years Northeast Ohio winter, expect the unexpected. (Isnt that every winter in this part of the country?) Predictions aside, winter brings snow to Avon and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, a search of the App store fails to reveal an app for removing snow. You get two choices: Shovel it yourself or hire to get the job done. While tackling it yourself or asking the neighborhood youths to take on the task eases the wallet, clearing driveways and walkways calls for other considerations. Health, safety, and your schedule play into it as well. Check it out: Your Health and Snow Removal Snow shoveling is a good heart-pumping

7 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

By Admin
October 23, 2017 Category: General

Fall in Northeast Ohio brings plenty of sunshine. The threat of winter should not keep you from enjoying your lawn. There are plenty of ways to prepare your yard for fall.

4 Reasons to Dream, Plan and Work on Landscape Projects this Fall

By Admin
August 30, 2017 Category: General

Don't let autumn hold you back from starting a landscaping project! Check out these 4 reasons to plan and work on a landscape project this fall...

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