7 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

7 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

7 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Fall | Avon LandscapingThe crisp air of fall and the closing of the pool along with other summer activities may draw you indoors. However, anticipating a blustery winter and preparing to hibernate too early cause you and your lawn to miss out.

Autumn in Northeast Ohio brings plenty of sunshine and enjoyable temperatures (especially this year). Now is not the time to abandon your yard. You can still enjoy your lawn and prepare it for the weather to come well into the cooler months.

Check out these six ways to prepare your yard for fall.


Fall proves the ideal time to aerate your lawn. Summer’s backyard football games and neighborhood picnics pack down the soil. Add the fading blooms and falling leaves of September and October, and your grass has a hard time breathing. Aeration is the solution.  


Keeping your lawn green through autumn activities and preparing it for winter means fertilizing. Organic and slow-release fertilizers strengthen grass’ roots for a healthier lawn. Typically, homeowners fertilize starting on Labor Day through Halloween.


All the summer fun also leads to bare spots in your yard. Bike tracks, ATV damage, and feet dragging behind a swing wear grass away. Fall is an ideal time to prepare and seed those areas. Using high-quality seed that matches your existing lawn promises a seamless patch.


With the weather turning cooler and the rain increasing, watering your lawn may fall off your to-do list. It is true that the need to keep your lawn hydrated may be reduced. However, seeded areas should be checked and watered according to seed instructions for a healthy crop of grass.


Like the watering can, the lawn mower tends to see less action in the fall as well. However, keeping your lawn cut at its usual length or a bit shorter exposes seeds to sunlight and water. Plus, a well-groomed lawn proves inviting for harvest parties and family pumpkin carving.


It may be tempting to leave grass clippings and fall leaves lay. After all, the winter snows are soon to cover them up. However, layers of natural debris prevent sunlight and water from reaching the grass beneath. And seeds do not grow without soil contact. Clearing clippings and leaves produce a healthier, more lush lawn.

Preparing your lawn for fall provides continued opportunities to invite friends and family over to the backyard for a game of touch football or a late-season cookout. The changing autumn leaves present the perfect backdrop and a lush lawn a great foundation for autumn fun.

For help in getting your lawn fall-ready, contact Avon Landscaping for an estimate.

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