How to Eliminate the Risks and Inconveniences of Northeast Ohio Snow Removal

The Fox 8 meteorologist team predicts 64 to 76 inches of snowfall this winter with alternating “arctic visits and milder melting breaks”. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) calls for a colder, snowier than normal season. And, the faithful Farmer’s Almanac expects warmer months ahead for Northeast Ohio.

Eliminating Risk and Inconveniences of Northeast Ohio Snow Removal

So, who are you to believe?

For this year’s Northeast Ohio winter, expect the unexpected. (Isn't that every winter in this part of the country?)

Predictions aside, winter brings snow to Avon and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, a search of the App store fails to reveal an app for removing snow. You get two choices: Shovel it yourself or hire to get the job done.

While tackling it yourself or asking the neighborhood youths to take on the task eases the wallet, clearing driveways and walkways calls for other considerations. Health, safety, and your schedule play into it as well.

Check it out:

Your Health and Snow Removal

Snow shoveling is a good heart-pumping and muscle-building workout, right? And, with the sedentary activities inspired by colder temperatures, you work out where you can. While the thought is enticing (and true if you proceed with caution), the statistics paint a different picture. 

Approximately 11,000 people visit the hospital yearly due to snow shoveling accidents. Falls, overexertion (leading to muscle sprains, back injuries, and heart attacks) and being struck by a shovel top the list of injuries. Frostbite and hypothermia affect those unprotected. Snowblower and plow injuries draw blood or worse. Hiring a professional eliminates these health concerns.

Your Schedule and Snow Removal

Clearing driveways and walkways add to your task list. With an already full schedule, getting it done proves challenging, even for the most disciplined. Remember the drill: Wake early to bundle up and clear the winter storm which blocked your car in the drive (just hours after you cleared it the night before).

Furthermore, maintenance on snow blowers, plows and the like requires additional time and finances. Professional services maintain high-end equipment specifically designed to remove Northeast Ohio snow. No schedule conflicts — snow removal is what they do.

Guest Safety and Snow Removal

Improperly cleared snow leads to slip-and-fall accidents. Unaddressed slippery patches of snow and ice pose a risk to your family and guests. Professional snow removal prevents these accidents with expertise and regular clearing. Plus, it leaves one less to-do for you before holiday gatherings, unexpected guests and other winter festivities at your home.

For a professional quote on services to meet your snow removal needs, contact Avon Landscaping today before the flakes pile up. Taking the (frost)bite out of your winter is our business.

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