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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter in Northeast Ohio

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Cleveland Landscaping, Cleveland Winter, Lawn Care In Winter

Winter is coming, as a certain famous television show is sure to remind everyone, but there are few places in the country where thats truer than frigid northeast Ohio. Proper preparation lawn care in advance can save your lawn a lot of wear and tear, and ensure it survives the harsh conditions and starts strong with the thaw next spring. Lets look at how to prepare your lawn for winter with a few lawn care tips that anyone can master. Rake: The classic fall chore of raking the lawn or otherwise clearing the lawn of leaves and debris is essential for the health of your grass and your overall winter prep. Thats right, its not just a punishment for the kids. Otherwise, the leaves can smoothen out the grass underneath and rot. So be sure to do this thoroughly before any snow sets in. Fertilize: Fertilization is key before the winter, and whereas some homeowners believe that springtime is the most important season to fertilize, its actually more important in late fall. Fertilization at

5 Steps to Building Your Dream Patio

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Cleveland Landscaping, Patios

Building a dream patio is a key component to finishing a homes landscape design. While some adventurous homeowners opt for the DIY route, for anything beyond simple projects, its best to turn to a trusted landscape professional who can knock a big picture dream out of the ballpark. Heres a look at how to get started with the creation of a gorgeous outdoor patio. 1. Determine the Purpose Patios can be used in many different ways. They may provide a quiet spot to simply enjoy the weather, the sounds of nature, and a book; or they could become a destination for entertaining and parties. A patio can work together with a pool or a deck, or stand on its own and be the focal point of the yard. Determine the purpose of the patio, as well as how it fits into the overall picture, as a beginning step. 2. Whats the Dream Feature? Your desired patio likely has a key dream feature. Maybe its a gorgeous outdoor fire pit, or a built-in grilling station. Maybe its an elaborate brick or stone design.

5 Landscape Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Night

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Landscape Lighting, Cleveland Landscaping

When considering the installation of new landscape lighting, its important to know how to achieve the perfect look. Theres certainly a lot more to it than simply sticking a few lights at different locations throughout the property. Utilize the following design tips and then work with the right landscaping contractor in Avon to help accomplish the desired end result. 1. Look at the Whole Property Think about the entire property as a single, cohesive force. There are different landscaping components, from trees to bushes to flowers, as well as paths, the driveway, home architecture, gazebos, decks, patios, and more. What is the goal of the project? To illuminate a walkway, showcase a signature element, or change the entire homes nighttime presence? 2. Consider the Inside View Many homeowners forget to consider the way their new lighting will look from the inside of the home. Its not just about exterior aesthetics, after all. From inside the home, the lighting should still look wonderful,

4 Essential Parts of Your Landscape Design

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Essential Landscaping, Cleveland Landscaping

As you research your next landscape design project, there are many variables to consider and it might feel overwhelming. In this post we aim to strip away all the unnecessary distractions and give you the bare essentials. While every home is different, there are a few integral parts to your landscape design that are vital to creating a landscape youll be proud to share with your friends and family. Keep reading to learn how you can apply these four essential parts to your landscape design project. 1. Unity and Balance Whether you undertake your project alone, or work with a landscaping contractor, all elements to your homes landscape must complement each other. When all components are in sync, the visual appeal of the space is enhanced. But when styles are mismatched and there is no theme, things can look cluttered, unorganized, or flat-out bad. Similarly, you need to decide whether your landscape is symmetrical or asymmetrical and this must be an intentional choice. While symmetry

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Landscaping, Cleveland Landscaping, How To Choose A Landscaper

A beautifully designed lawn can completely transform an ordinary looking house. Not to mention, quality landscaping can improve your outdoor living area and increase the value of your home. The benefits of a beautiful landscape are endless, but how do you ensure youre getting that beauty? Finding the right landscaping company for the job can be tough. In fact, it probably seems a little scary, with the huge selection of landscapers in Avon, Westlake, and surrounding communities. So how do you choose the best landscape contractor for your home? Follow these five tips and rest easy knowing your yard, and your home, are in good hands. 1. Do Your Homework Research your local landscaper options and compare them to each other. Be leery of contractors offering incredibly cheap prices, because you typically get what you pay for. Look for companies with experience in a variety of services and who can provide strong references from past clients who had the same needs as you. Be sure to check

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