5 Steps to Building Your Dream Patio

5 Steps to Building Your Dream Patio

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Building a dream patio is a key component to finishing a home’s landscape design. While some adventurous homeowners opt for the DIY route, for anything beyond simple projects, it’s best to turn to a trusted landscape professional who can knock a big picture dream out of the ballpark. Here’s a look at how to get started with the creation of a gorgeous outdoor patio.

1. Determine the Purpose
Patios can be used in many different ways. They may provide a quiet spot to simply enjoy the weather, the sounds of nature, and a book; or they could become a destination for entertaining and parties. A patio can work together with a pool or a deck, or stand on its own and be the focal point of the yard. Determine the purpose of the patio, as well as how it fits into the overall picture, as a beginning step.

2. What’s the Dream Feature?
Your desired patio likely has a key dream feature. Maybe it’s a gorgeous outdoor fire pit, or a built-in grilling station. Maybe it’s an elaborate brick or stone design. The dream feature works with the overall purpose, but is the element that can take a patio project to the next level.

3. The Accessories
Beyond the dream feature, how else will the patio be equipped? Large chaise lounges? A circular table with an umbrella and chairs? Hammocks? Tiki torches? Whatever it is, this should be factored into the design itself, to ensure adequate space and appropriate style.

4. Fitting It In
Does the yard have the appropriate space to allow for this type of outdoor patio? Keep in mind, even if something could be jammed into a certain area, it may not look great if it’s too crunched in. When space itself isn’t a concern, the location still needs to provide a good fit with factors such as the level of sunlight it receives, how open or closed it is to neighbors, and how it works with the rest of the yard’s landscape design. Don’t assume any old location will work.

5. Find the Right Contractor
Look for a landscape contractor who understands the goal of the project, and the big features that absolutely have to be delivered. Ideally, find a contractor who has successfully completed similar projects of this type and scope, in order to easily envision how the finished product will look and be confident they can get it done.

To get started with the picture-perfect outdoor patio project, get in touch with Avon Landscaping, a leading landscaping contractor for Avon and surrounding communities, including Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Bay Village, Westlake, and Rocky River. Click here to request a free estimate, or call directly at 440.331.4279.

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