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7 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

By Admin
October 23, 2017 Category: General

The crisp air of fall and the closing of the pool along with other summer activities may draw you indoors. However, anticipating a blustery winter and preparing to hibernate too early cause you and your lawn to miss out. Autumn in Northeast Ohio brings plenty of sunshine and enjoyable temperatures (especially this year). Now is not the time to abandon your yard. You can still enjoy your lawn and prepare it for the weather to come well into the cooler months. Check out these six ways to prepare your yard for fall. Aerate Fall proves the ideal time to aerate your lawn. Summers backyard football games and neighborhood picnics pack down the soil. Add the fading blooms and falling leaves of September and October, and your grass has a hard time breathing. Aeration is the solution. Fertilize Keeping your lawn green through autumn activities and preparing it for winter means fertilizing. Organic and slow-release fertilizers strengthen grass roots for a healthier lawn. Typically, homeowners

4 Reasons to Dream, Plan and Work on Landscape Projects this Fall

By Admin
August 30, 2017 Category: General

As the summer winds down, you catch a few more lasting summer memories dipping your toes in Lake Erie, hosting friends with for a BBQ or road tripping to Cedar Point. Enjoy every moment! But, as you celebrate the warm weather with family and friends in your yard, the season brings to light needed (or wanted) changes to your landscape. After all, inspiration births as you live and entertain in these spaces. Getting started on these projects this fall is good for you and your yard. Check it out: Savor Next Summer As you host the final neighborhood BBQs before cold lake breezes cover your yard with snow, prepare to jump-start your projects this fall. Small and large projects benefit from an autumn deadline. After all, work done now allows you to eek every last drop out of next summers activities. Plus, fall lawn maintenance maintains lawn health over the harsh winter. Make the Most of Time Typically our minds set aside the summer for a more active but relaxed pace of life. Who likes

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