Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Avon Home

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Avon Home

How To Transform Your Avon Backyard Into A Living Space

Backyards allow homeowners to grow resources, relax and have fun. One of the biggest trends in landscaping is extending your living quarters to the great outdoors. More and more customers are requesting outdoor kitchens, bonfires to gather around and even a nice relaxing pond to sit by.

Whether you are looking to have a more enjoyable home, whether it be for yourself or for the next homeowners, there are various back yard landscaping ideas that you can consider. Refer to the following list below for some lovely backyard ideas for your Northeast Ohio / Cleveland home.

Backyard Ideas for Your Avon Home | Avon LandscapingCountry Garden

Perhaps you have travelled to Europe and walked through some of the most beautiful and peaceful gardens you’ve ever seen. With professional landscapers, you can easily replicate the same tranquility and beauty with your own backyard. Also known as the English Garden, this backyard combines plants and flowers with smoothly paved walkways and rustic benches and chairs. You can also add even more depth to your garden by including a pergola, trellis and other decorations.

Water Stream

Thinking about adding water to your backyard, or simply something you can hear that can soothe you instantly? You can arrange a small river with plants and rock formations right in the middle of your backyard. With this water creek, water will travel in a closed circuit thanks to an abundance of airflow, so even though water runs to the bottom of a small pond, it will eventually travel to the top again. You can consider one of these landscaping ideas for your personal sanctuary.


A bonfire can always make an evening wonderful, and there are many ways to personalize a bonfire space for your backyard. With an open fire pit surrounded by stone benches, it can create the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing time outdoors. With stone or brick flooring, you can also add some personality to the area while making a night outside safe and fun. This is one of a few landscaping ideas for Cleveland weather that often gets overlooked.

Wisteria Pergola

Backyards and wisteria trees go together like pancakes and maple syrup. Underneath your pergola, you can set up a lovely outdoor table with folding chairs. Consider having a pergola adorned with wisteria trees for one of the most relaxing and satisfying places in your home to socialize with guests, eat lunch, or even browse on a laptop outdoors. An alternative to wisteria trees would be lavender plants, which give off relaxing scents that enhance your mood.

If you're ready to transform your Avon backyard, contact Avon Landscaping today! We'll be happy to put together a master plan for you. 

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