Transform Your Northeast Ohio Backyard into a Unique Living Space

Transform Your Northeast Ohio Backyard into a Unique Living Space

When the winter snows melt away, the warmth of spring draws northeast Ohioans outdoors. Imagine taking a pitcher of lemonade onto an inviting back patio to share with friends. Hear the laughter of family gathered around a fire pit with blankets and hot cocoa in the fall. 

The luxury of moving living spaces outdoors is not reserved for residents of warmer states. In Ohio, three seasons and the January thaw offer opportunity to entertain in the fresh air. Check out the following ideas for transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Answering questions about your lifestyle, passions and entertainment style habits designs a backyard space you will use again and again. Does nurturing plants relax you or do you prefer no maintenance landscapes? Do you want to wander paths amid your gardens? Or, does open space say tranquility? Are intimate parties for two to six people your style? Or, do you host neighborhood gatherings?

Build Your Outdoor Living Space Today | Avon LandscapingChoose a Focal Point

While indoor decorating inspiration comes from a painting, a pillow or a couch, the outdoors opens grander possibilities. Ponds or fountains bring the serenity of water. Fireplaces ignite ambience. Built in grills set the scene for the home chef who loves to entertain. Even a favorite tree centers outdoor design. All other elements work around a chosen focal point to create a cohesive look.


When installing a patio or choosing your focal point, consider location. Spaces easily accessible from inside your home get used more often. A deck built off the master bedroom tends to be too intimate for entertaining more than you and your significant other. An outdoor kitchen off the dining room or a sprawling patio off the family room expand your options for entertaining. And, guests can easily move inside and out as needed.

Add in Your Personality

Once the pavers are laid, the fireplace stands tall or the outdoor kitchen is set to fire up, finishing touches make your outdoor space feel like home. Choosing a hue which complements interior colors for cushions or outdoor rugs ties the two together. Vases and container plantings add accents. Salvaged outdoor signage gives your space a unique appeal. Choose items which illustrate your personality or hold a personal draw rather than stock items.

Creating an outdoor space which fits your lifestyle and home makes entertaining indoors and out seamless. The possibilities prove as unique as your Northeast Ohio family's personality. Start dreaming. And, let us help you bring those dreams to life.

If you want to start expanding your living quarters to the outdoors, call Avon Landscaping for a free quote or visit our request a quote page and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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