The Best Time to Prune Hydrangea Trees

The Best Time to Prune Hydrangea Trees

Do you have a hydrangea plant, but are not sure when to prune it? You’re not alone! Hydrangea trees are a common plant throughout Northeast Ohio.

They come in many varieties and offer beautiful, colorful blooms and multiple blooming cycles, making it a desirable addition to any yard or garden. Once you get a pruning schedule in place, they are easy to maintain.

Caring for hydrangeas and knowing when to prune them can be confusing given the many varieties, but overall, they are hardy trees that will stay colorful and healthy if you follow a few pruning tips.

Know the Type of Hydrangea You Have

Pruning your hydrangea properly depends on the type that you have. Different types of hydrangeas require pruning at different times of the year.

For example, for smooth hydrangeas such as Annabelles, you’ll want to wait until they finish blooming before cutting them back. Pruning in late fall or early spring before new growth begins will bring new blooms all summer. 

Big Leaf and Oakleaf hydrangeas should be pruned no later than early fall, otherwise you may cut off buds preventing any blooms come summer. For these types of hydrangeas, it’s best to prune immediately after flowering.

Paniculata or PeeGee hydrangeas offer a bit more flexibility, but in general, they should be pruned in early spring before new growth appears.

Other hydrangeas such as climbing hydrangeas may require very little pruning.

How to Prune Properly

When is the Best Time to Prune Hydrangea Trees? | Avon Landscaping

To prune your hydrangeas, start by cleaning out the shoots that come up out of the ground near the bottom of the plant, and any coming out of the trunk. These are called “suckers” and take valuable resources away from the healthy parts of your tree.

Cut back branches that are crossing or rubbing other branches. Also, cut out any weak branches completely to allow more energy for the stronger, healthier stems.

Trim back healthy stems by about two-thirds. Prune the tree in the shape that you would like it to grow.

Follow these easy steps and enjoy beautiful hydrangea flowers all summer long!

If you’re not sure what type of hydrangea you have, or need assistance with pruning or caring for other types of trees, please contact the experts at Avon Landscaping for assistance!

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