Irrigation System Installations in Avon, Ohio

Irrigation System Installations in Avon, Ohio

Irrigations systems always seem to be an afterthought for many homeowners. They may think that they are unnecessary or a waste of water, but did you know that watering systems are actually more cost and energy effective?

Why Install an Irrigation System?

It can be easy to forget to water your lawn or your flower beds. Forget one too many times, and you're dealing with a dead lawn or plants! With an irrigation system installed by Avon Landscaping, you can ensure your plants will always be taken care of with plenty of water. 

Another great thing about our water irrigation systems is that they can be controlled and managed right from your phone. If you know your kids are going out to play in the yard, with the press of a button, you can stop the timed watering. Or you can pull a prank on your kids by turning it on while they are playing! We will leave that up to you.

Easy Install Services

The installation process is pretty non-invasive, but where we do end up digging small holes, we put it all back in order as part of the job. 

Learn More About Irrigation System Installation

If you are ready to take care of your landscaping with as little effort as possible, then you need a water irrigation system! Contact us at Avon Landscaping today to learn more about this service. 

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