Create a Beautiful Landscape with the Right Masonry and Plants for Cleveland Climate

Create a Beautiful Landscape with the Right Masonry and Plants for Cleveland Climate

Choosing the Right Masonry and Plants for Cleveland Climate

No landscaping service understands the challenges faced by Cleveland residents more than Avon Landscaping. Our unique climate features sunny, dry summers and cold, snowy winters with a windy and wet fall in between. Finding both masonry and plants that can help you create a beautiful landscape while surviving a range of environments can be difficult.

Hardscape Material for Cleveland Climate

Some masonry will become too slippery or crack in inclement weather, and some plants that thrive during the sunny seasons wither and die during the rainy season and extreme cold we encounter during the winter.

Since Avon Landscaping first opened their doors in 1977, we’ve prided ourselves on offering the best landscaping services to the Cleveland, Ohio region. We are capable of installing hardscape, pavers, irrigation to the troubled wet spots many Cleveland home owners experience in their yards, plant landscaping and care and more.

Avon Landscaping recommends either natural stone, such as bluestone or granite, for hardscaping in the north east. Both of these natural materials are durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions, yet extremely customizable, allowing clients to create spaces that are either modern and sleek or more suited to compliment historic architecture.

Brick pavers offer another option, but consumers should always pick a trusted and respected landscaper for the project. Without proper installation, water runoff can cause problems with the durability. Done properly, brick pavers can beautify almost any area from a driveway to a patio.

Yellow limestone is native to Ohio and is a perfect way to add a bit of color to your landscape. Limestone can be fabricated into retaining walls, standing walls and other hardscape features to add interest and privacy to your areas.

Plant Options for Cleveland Climate

Avon Landscaping | Plant Options for Cleveland

In regard to the proper plants to use, Cleveland does present some challenges. In terms of ground cover, pachysandra does very well to fill in shady areas and troubled areas in your garden, providing an evergreen blanket and preventing weeds in bald spots. For color, creeping phlox and irish moss are also suited to Ohio’s weather patterns, and flourish in full to part sun while providing an array of color through their flowers and foliage. Hostas are also suited to filling in shady, barren spots where nothing else will grow.

For your landscaping, it’s difficult to go wrong with native plants. Most native perennial flowers are deer-resistant and bloom from spring to fall, offering a rainbow of everything from the yellow marsh marigold to the feathery blue false indigo and the vibrant red of the cardinal flower.

For larger, attention-grabbing plants, hydrangea, peony (both perennial and woody) lilac and dwarf cherry cope well and can be planted to add a show-stopping display. Heather is a plant that displays a spectrum of color, changing with the seasons from green in the summer to blazing red in the winter.

If you’d love a consult on how Avon Landscaping can help you create the scenery of your dreams that’s designed to work with Cleveland, Ohio’s climate, please contact us.

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