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Category: Lawn Care In Winter

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter in Northeast Ohio

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Cleveland Landscaping, Cleveland Winter, Lawn Care In Winter

Winter is coming, as a certain famous television show is sure to remind everyone, but there are few places in the country where thats truer than frigid northeast Ohio. Proper preparation lawn care in advance can save your lawn a lot of wear and tear, and ensure it survives the harsh conditions and starts strong with the thaw next spring. Lets look at how to prepare your lawn for winter with a few lawn care tips that anyone can master. Rake: The classic fall chore of raking the lawn or otherwise clearing the lawn of leaves and debris is essential for the health of your grass and your overall winter prep. Thats right, its not just a punishment for the kids. Otherwise, the leaves can smoothen out the grass underneath and rot. So be sure to do this thoroughly before any snow sets in. Fertilize: Fertilization is key before the winter, and whereas some homeowners believe that springtime is the most important season to fertilize, its actually more important in late fall. Fertilization at

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