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5 Landscape Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Night

By Avon Landscaping
February 17, 2016 Category: Landscape Lighting, Cleveland Landscaping

When considering the installation of new landscape lighting, its important to know how to achieve the perfect look. Theres certainly a lot more to it than simply sticking a few lights at different locations throughout the property. Utilize the following design tips and then work with the right landscaping contractor in Avon to help accomplish the desired end result. 1. Look at the Whole Property Think about the entire property as a single, cohesive force. There are different landscaping components, from trees to bushes to flowers, as well as paths, the driveway, home architecture, gazebos, decks, patios, and more. What is the goal of the project? To illuminate a walkway, showcase a signature element, or change the entire homes nighttime presence? 2. Consider the Inside View Many homeowners forget to consider the way their new lighting will look from the inside of the home. Its not just about exterior aesthetics, after all. From inside the home, the lighting should still look wonderful,

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